Driving home tonight in the left over slush from snowing this weekend I saw a woman at the gas station. It’s bitter freezing outside and as she was pumping gas I noticed her cleaning off her windows. I’m looking at her thinking it’s too darn cold for all of that. But then as I sat at the light I looked at her a little more. In the few seconds I was sitting there I was able to observe that this woman takes pride in herself.

I noticed her black coat with the gold buttons, I noticed her hair that blew perfectly in the wind, I noticed the rims on her car weren’t  cheap. I noticed this woman and I said to myself, “Where is your pride?” It made me sad for a while because today I too got gas and my first mind was rushing to get back in the car from the cold. Today I too was out and about in the world just as she was and yet, I didn’t take the time to really curl my hair this morning. I unwrapped my hair from a scarf and went on about my day. This woman who looked like she probably had a full day at work, yet she looked straight out of a hair commercial.

I don’t know that woman’s story. I’ve never met her before. I will probably never see her again. She doesn’t know me. She probably never noticed that I was watching her. But she, this woman directed me a little back to who I am. It’s always a struggle for me. Some days I am super strong and unmoved by a change in my routine. Other day’s I just feel and sometimes do break down. But in those moments of looking at this woman I thought to myself, tomorrow, I will take a little more time for me. I will make sure that my hair is nice, I will make sure that I don’t just rush to get somewhere. I will take my time and enjoy the moments. Time, I know I wish I had more of it. In the little time that I do have I need to breathe it in. I need to let go of the things that make me feel like I am not worthy and have pride in myself.

I am worthy of love, I am worthy of someone treating me with care, I am worthy of so much more. The moment that I start to value myself and have pride in the woman that God has created me to be, the less that I will care if I am making everyone else happy and focus on making Him happy.

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