Driven, and being determined is something that I always was. I didn’t and I don’t know how to survive without having some type of goals in front of me. I remember being a little girl and driving in the car with my dad. As we were driving we went pass University of Michigan. I said,” Daddy I am going to graduate from there.” To be honest I don’t remember his response but I do remember being that little girl looking out the window saying those words. As I got older I never lost the desire to do so. I remember walking across the stage getting my degree and thinking I can never give up on anything.

 Sometimes in life we can let situations and feelings bring you down. Sometimes we are driven by emotions. The way that we think things should be or how we wish that we could change this or that. At those moments for me in my life they tend to bring me all the way down and I can if I let myself get into unhealthy habits. I know this about myself. My daddy always told me to know myself. One day I asked him, “What do you really mean by that?” I was offended by him saying that. At one point I thought that I knew it all. He told me not to let my emotions drive me. He told me that if I just let my common sense lead me instead of my emotions that I would and can get anything that I strive for outta life.

 As I experienced different things I found his advice to be true but yes, I am still human so I still have let my emotions get the best of me sometimes. But… I have learned to look at situations and say enough. I don’t believe in knocking my head up against a wall until it bleeds. I know that for me I need to go somewhere nice and quiet and find myself. Right now that means taking some time alone in ways that I can. It means not throwing myself in every friendly gathering to look like nothing is wrong. I’ve learned that you can’t give your all in anything if you are not recharged.

Take some time for you. Learn you. Be a student of yourself and stay true to that. I’m not talking about being cocky or anything like that. I’m saying know when to say, “I matter before anyone else does.” I am in this process now taking it minute by minute. By me doing this I truly believe that I can come out of this refreshed and ready for my next challenge in life.

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