Saturday’s are always busy for me. I got up and did some boxing as my form of exercise yesterday. I went to a new place with a friend of mine and my body was taken to a whole new level. I must admit that I enjoyed placing various faces on that bag as I tried to punch the crap out of it. After eight rounds and an intense ab-workout I was thoroughly beat and hungry. I had been craving a western omelet so we decided to go get one.

While sitting in the Coney Island we started talking about life. We talked about how we both have changed in the last eight years. I talked about how I went from having a job making 27 dollars an hour, losing my job, losing my home, working as a waitress for 2 dollars an hour sometimes getting .50 cent tips, to now working for a company where I am very much appreciated and so blessed in so many different ways. As we were talking one of the waitresses came and asked us if we wanted some coffee. As she was pouring I noticed her beautiful smile. I noticed her beautiful nails. I noticed her bright lip color. I noticed her. I said, “Excuse me but I just wanted you to know how beautiful you are” and she totally got emotional.

The waitress started to explain to us how she had just moved from Flint, MI. She explained that due to the water contamination she had to leave. She explained that she couldn’t sell her home so she had to walk away from it. This woman has gone through so much. Her whole world has been turned around and yet to look at her she was so well put together. As the waitress went on to continue her job, me and my friend were in awe of this woman. As I paid for the bill she came to cash me out. We hugged and had a private conversation and in that moment I whispered to her that God does provide. I let her know that He does take care of us. That in our moments of When the Change Comes He will equip us with people and all the things that we need to move forward.

I love the song by Sam Cooke named, “A Change Is Gonna Come.” There is a line in it that sings, “There is a time when I thought that I wouldn’t last for long, but now I am able to carry on,” Oh man that line is so true for me and others out here in the world. We are able to carry on, we are able to find strength, and we are able to be driven. When the change comes whether good or bad we have to hold on to the future. We have to cry the tears for what was lost but celebrate and wrap our arms around the possibilities of what’s to come because we are able to carry on.

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