Oh man what a difference a day makes, but for me it’s not only just the days that make a difference but minutes and even seconds. Going through so many different experiences in life really can make you understand and be sensitive to what others are going through. Last week I was able to volunteer and help a family in need out. I hadn’t volunteered in that type of manner in about a year but last week I was reminded of how different situations and people can make a difference in your life. The mom was revealed her newly furnished home and I could see the gratefulness in her eyes, but not only in her eyes but her being. See, you can tell the gratefulness of a person in the way that they react to certain situations. It’s all about realizing that we are not owed anything in this world and when someone opens their heart to you it’s about taking the time to understand how vulnerable that person is to you at that moment and appreciating the vulnerability. Being vulnerable used to be a hard word and thing for me to be. It’s such a struggle for me even as I type if I have to be honest. But with each day and each situation I don’t judge but I love, oh man do I try to love. I am so flawed and always learning that I must look past the exterior and look inward. I desire to listen and love, look for glimmers of a smile and love, pray and love. I guess I just wanted to write about how important it is to always show love because we all have those Oh Man situations, and isn’t it nice when all of a sudden you encounter that one person that reaches their hand out to you and says to you, “let me love you with no strings attached.” Oh Man how nice it is!

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