Laying in the darkness

I sit with my eyes closed

I allow the air from the open window to rush over me

As I remember feeling the warmth of your skin

How did I lay upon you and escape into the security of who you are

Not just some of you, but i’d take it all

My heart starts to beat fast as I reminisce

I can’t smell you but I hear you

I hear your voice in my mind and I remember

And I see you, and I love you

As your hands interlock with mine

I know that this is where I want them to be

In a forever moment with you to not end

I lose the embrace of your hands just long enough

I glide one hand over your face

And I remember

And I feel the softness of your skin

And I remember

As our bodies are better than anything else I’ve ever experienced

I remember

To not forget is worth it all

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