I can’t remember the first time that I got a pen from anyone but I do remember being a young girl around the age of ten and calling myself in love. I remember taking that young boy’s name and making a poem out of it. I don’t know how many poems that I have written since then. I don’t remember how many poems that I burnt in the past to try and call myself forgetting about the experiences that were written in those poems. But I do remember the passion that I had in those poems. I still have a few of those earlier ones even still. I have started to really write again and not just poems but as you can see from this blog I have shared some of my life experiences. My point is this… without a pen I don’t know what I would do. Some things I will forever leave in my heart and they are not meant to ever be written down, but some things without a pen to fully express how I feel I would never get those emotions out. I will never be who I was in my younger days nor will I ever be exactly the woman that I am even as I write these very words right now. But in writing, I have found such peace. I enjoy typing on my Mac with the lights off and just the glow of the computer screen. I enjoy looking back at my poem book and other prayer books that I have written and seeing how God has answered my prayers. I also enjoy remembering all the feelings that I felt in writing those poems. Now, I will admit that a few of my poems are written because of life and the different experiences that I see in the world. But I know the ones that are true and dear to my heart and for those, I would be so lost if I was ever without a pen.

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