I am hopeful. I am hopeful that one day I will feel like I am worth more than what I give myself credit for. Yes, I have made plenty of mistakes. I have loved those that I should not have loved but I am worth more than the love that I have given. I have cried over the loss of loves that I have experienced but I am worth more than those tears that have fallen. I will continue to make mistakes but hopefully not the same ones that I made before and if I do I will try not to make the same ones at any other time. I will not accept that it’s ok but I will try and change. For one, it pleases my Father and for two, my love is an emotion but my heart is what continues to beat and it hurts through the pain, through the what I thought was precious moments only to find out that it was nothing to others. I am hopeful. Even though I find myself unattractive some days I know this is due to my insecurities and that in reality I shine from the inside out. I work hard, I love hard, and I would love the opportunity to be ever so gentle. Until that day comes I will continue to be hopeful and love the only way that I know how in hopes that one true day I will see me for what I am worth.

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